Women in Film 2019 | The Reformist (8 NOV)


The Reformist

Dir. Marie Skovgaard | 90 min | 2019 | Danish, English, Arabic, German with English Subtitles | R21

Sherin Khankan is trying to establish Europe’s first mosque led by female imams in the heart of Copenhagen. The Mosque’s members aim to confront and challenge the fear surrounding Islam and call for a new kind of it including a feminist agenda, effecting a break with established gender hierarchies. But how do you break centuries of tradition from within a religion?

On this matter the new Mosque is divided. Should they work for their ideas in the shadows or in the public glare? Should they take baby steps or dare to do whatever it takes to achieve their own vision? Sherin is impatient. She wants change and equality now. But her haste divides her organisation to the brink of collapse.

"I have an interest in women who are on a mission, who want to create impact." - Marie Skovgaard

"... Khankan remains a fascinating figure and this well-crafted film is never less than involving and thought-provoking." - Screen International

· In Competition & Opening Film, CPH:DOX 2019
· In Competitions, Hot Docs 2019


Post-Screening Discussion with Nurul Fadiah Johari & Filzah Sumartono

Nurul Fadiah Johari is a researcher who is interested in themes concerning the intersection of ethnicity, class and gender. She is active in groups advocating for Muslim women’s rights in Singapore. She co-runs Penawar, a support group for women raised in the Muslim community, which promotes community care through discussions of selfhood, mental health and other experiences of being raised in the Muslim community. She has also written pieces in local publications such as Perempuan: Muslim Women in Singapore Speak Out (2016), Growing Up Perempuan (2018) and Budi Kritik (2018).

Filzah Sumartono volunteers at Beyond the Hijab. She is a strong advocate against the practice of female genital cutting (FGC) and has been featured in Reuters. Filzah is also the co-editor of the books Perempuan: Muslim Women in Singapore Speak Out (2016) and Growing Up Perempuan (2018) which is an anthology of essays and poems written by women about their lived experiences.

About the filmmaker: Marie Skovgaard

Marie Skovgaard has worked on different television productions as a director and tv producer. The Reformist – A Female Imam is her debut feature documentary. It was selected for the main competition at CPH:DOX.


About Women in Film & Photography 2019

Women in Film is part of Objectifs' annual Women in Film and Photography showcase. In recent years, communities across the world have responded to enduring social, gender, racial and economic inequality through collective actions such as #Metoo, the Occupy movement and Black Lives Matter. At the heart of it, such movements are often fueled by anger and frustration at an ostensible lack of political will or means to effect systemic change.

Our fifth edition Women in Film presents the Singapore premiere of five international feature films that demonstrate how women filmmakers have created works that speak to local and global concerns, exploring how rage against discrimination, repression and injustice can be channeled into a force for awareness, action and change through art. Co-curated by Leong Puiyee and Kelly Leow.

Visit our website for information about the programme: objectifs.com.sg/wifp2019

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